Friday, November 1, 2013

Reign (Episode 3)

Reign is a 2013 TV series, broadcasting on the CW network, on Mary, Queen of Scots stay at the French court during the 1550s. The show continues with the shows slow decline in viewers, with 1.57 million people watching the third episode.

Adelaide Kane as Mary, Queen of Scots
Alan Van Sprang as King Henry II of France
Torrance Coombs as Sebastian "Basch"

Mary and her ladies are sitting in the garden, discussing their first kiss. Greer has yet to have her first kiss but she is hoping to give it to Prince Tomas, the bastard son of the King of Portugal. Their conversation is interrupted by a maid, who informs Mary that her Uncle is in France. Claude de Guise questions his niece as to why she and Francis are not married yet. Scotland needs an alliance to help her protect her borders from England. Mary asks King Henry for military aid but the King refuses, despite his eldest son's pleading.

Mary meets Tomas while he is out on a walk with Greer. Desperate for foreign support, Mary tries to negotiate with Tomas. To her surprise, Tomas proposes to her, promising to offer her military support. Tomas reveals that the King of Portugal plans on legitimizing him, thereby guaranteeing that his offer of marriage to Mary is sound. All of this happens under Greer's nose and so, she goes ahead with her plan to have a romantic midnight picnic with Tomas. She is helped out by a friendly cook in the kitchens.

At the ball that night, Mary and her ladies have their fortunes read by Nostradamus. It does not bode well. Francis becomes upset over Mary dancing with Tomas at the ball. Francis finally convinces his Father to support Mary's cause through the use of blackmail, regarding Henry's relationship with Kenna. Henry sends Sebastian to deliver the message to the troops but the next day, he has returned to the castle, bleeding - something Nostradamus predicted.

Mary and Francis share their first kiss together but Henry has reneged on his support for Scotland. Mary agrees to Tomas's proposal. Heartbroken, Greer shares her first kiss with the cook from earlier.

I give this episode 1/5. Something in this episode that bothered that I never noticed in the earlier episodes was just how terrible the dialogue was. At the beginning of the episode, a little farmer boy comes across an English soldier and offers him breakfast. The soldier's response, "You're gonna need a lot of eggs." WHAT?! I'm sorry, WHAT?! Ahahahahahahahahahhahahaha! Were you trying to be intimidating there? Every time the show tries to give a character a strong tone, it comes off as terrible one liner.

The dialogue comes across incredibly forced and the flirting was absolutely terrible. I don't think the man who plays Prince Tomas is an actor. I think he was an Abercrombie model that the producers hired because he has a "sexy" accent, which will attract all the girls. The plot took itself to a whole new low with the cliched love story between Francis, Mary and Thomas (or a rectangle if you include Basch). The whole legitimizing a bastard concept, simply does not work for me. I know the writers want to connect to their teenage audience but I feel absolutely no sympathy for Kenna because the man she might be having relations with is a married man with children...HER AGE.

At this point in the show, Mary's ladies-in-waitings should never inform Mary of their love lives because Mary will always screw it up! The show's main problem is that it goes between two different genres.  There's Mary's plot in which has a dark, Tudor-esque theme and then you have plot involving her ladies-waitings which is  teenage drama of "Is Lord Bobby gonna ask me out to prom?".  

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